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Looking for answers [Open to Mercy and Tim]

After spendinig so much time in the last two days in the Nexus and hunting down Mercy, Lex had gotten a bit behind on some paperwork. Of course, after the work was done, he had plenty of time to think. And think he did, because there was one worry niggling at the back of his mind.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small card with a name and number written on it. Dialing the number, he left a message for his new contact.

"Mr Drain, this is Lex Luthor. Please call me at your earliest convience."
red shades

Diary entry

Lex sets down the laptop and box of cigars, then sits in the chair, the sealed decanter of cognac in his lap and a small in his hand. He opens the decanter and pours himself a few fingers of the potent liquid, then reseals the decanter.

"Lex Luthor. Multi-billionaire and corporate shark. This house is small, I've lived in bigger hotel rooms. My housemates are interesting, but the whining brit kid could end up getting on my nerves."

He sips at his drink for a bit, then smirks.

"I have a good feeling about my winning this game."

He finishes his drink, then leaves the room.
red shades

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Lex tosses the file on his desk and walks over to the bar, where he pours himself a drink. He sits in his chair and sips at his drink, leafing through his memos